Wulustukyeg Traditional Council of Tobic 

UN Declaration

"All Prayers Are Heard By the Same God"
Say Yes to Indigenous Rights Campaign launches in Fredericton
June 2, 2010
At noon on June 21st, at the ancestral Aboriginal burial grounds beside the Lieutenant-Governor's House in downtown Fredericton, spiritual leaders of many faiths will join their prayers. Dan Ennis, spiritual leader and Saugem of the Wulustukieg Traditional Council of Tobic, will lead prayer ceremonies while faith communities across Canada and the world will join in prayer for God to help Canada to wholeheartedly, without conditions or limitations, finally endorse the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
The "Let Us All Pray Together" project began in 2000, when a human rights activist and United Church minister convinced spiritual leaders to engage in public prayer. During the Esgenoopetitij (Burnt Church) "Lobster Wars," their prayers guided constructive dialogue for sharing lands and resources between Canadians and First Peoples in the Maritimes.
Willi Nolan, a coordinator for the campaign says, "Our peoples, Aboriginal and non native, French and English, christian and traditionalist, government and citizen, have been conflicted about honouring indigenous rights for too long. We know that many people suffer and feel that they are being treated unfairly; others are afraid and confused. The air, the water and land are for all people to live a good life. The U.N. declaration simply states that indigenous peoples deserve dignity and respect. Canada must join this journey to peace and friendship."
Faith groups are encouraged to participate in awareness and training sessions and to continue the theme from the Prayer Circles during their regular ecumenical gatherings.
"All prayers are heard by the same God."
For information, please contact:
Dan Ennis, Saugem, Wulustukieg Traditional Council of Tobic: (506) 273-4274 hawbun@nbnet.nb.ca
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