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With this and in all things we say and do we are of one mind and one heart with the Ancestors. And with this and in all things that we say and do we keep uppermost within our hearts the well-being of the Seventh Generation. Since the beginning of time, the Wolastoqewiyik have had a solemn responsibility to respect, protect, nurture and honor our Sacred Earth Mother. There may have been distractions during the journey; perhaps some of our people forgot these original instructions, but, this one thing is still true: The Wulustukyeg have always been here, are still here, and will continue to be here because of this sacred responsibility which was given to us by Creator. We are a self-determining people through birthright, through natural justice, through treaty rights and through the concept of British common law, known as the rule of law.

Our Ancestors were a free, independent, self-determining, peaceful people for the many millennium before European contact, and the traditional form of governance for the  Wulustukyeg for a thousand generations was our community circle council. Through the deliberate and systematic efforts of the transplanted Europeans, our traditional form of government was nearly destroyed, almost wiped out entirely. But, our traditional Medicine Elders have taught us, as long as there is even one Wulustukyeg who remembers and lives them, respects them and passes them on, then these traditional teachings and our traditional form of governance cannot die. That is how we continues to survive. In 1492, Wulustukyeg people were self-determining, living the traditional spiritual way of the ancestors; living, preserving and passing on our traditional teachings; on their healing path; and holding councils in the traditional council circle format.

In 1992, our Wulustukyeg people are no longer a self-determining people, no longer living our traditional spiritual way of our ancestors; no longer living, preserving nor passing on our traditional teachings; not on our healing path; and no longer holding council in the traditional council circle format.

Are we to be the generation that allows that final and irrevocable break in the sacred hoop pf life; in the complete break with and from the Ancestors (past), from the people (present) and the future (the Seventh Generation)?

Or are we to be the generation that begins the process of healing and mending the sacred hoop of life through the return to our traditional teachings?

There are important considerations to look at when important decisions are made. One, the impact of ones decisions and actions has to take into account the Seventh Generation. We are accountable even for the children who are yet unborn. Two, all decisions and actions have to consider the Ancestors. Three, the family, community and nation must be considered in all decisions and actions. Four, the impact of all decisions and actions must be weighed in relation to our Sacred Earth Mother. Five, the sacredness of all life, of all creation, must be considered when making decisions and taking action. All of these things must be done through and with the heart on an individual and a collective basis. If all of these considerations are not met when social policies and important decisions are made, self-destruction and the destruction of our Sacred Earth Mother will continue. This is the black road that will lead to destruction and death.

The way is very clear for us, as it was to our Ancestors at the time of contact. The natural way is always toward peace, unity, healing and accountability to the Seventh Generation. We find this through our traditional teachings. The Wulustukyeg are people who have lived these teachings and values for thousands of years. We have this longevity working in our favor. We know that honoring and respecting the Ancestors who preserved those traditional teaching and passed them on to us, has led us to the right road. Since all of our teachings are based on honoring, respecting, nurturing and protecting all of creation and our Sacred Earth Mother, all of our social policies must reflect these same values. No wonder the Europeans at the time of contact referred to our people as the "children of God" and to the unspoiled land as a "paradise on Earth".

Any policy, regulation or law imposed upon another will neither be successful, nor understood and supported by the one upon which it is imposed. That is the simple truth. That is why consensus works. Furthermore, there is presently nothing in place that fosters trust between our people and the transplanted Europeans, and there is certainly nothing in place to foster trust between the Wulustukyeg and the government institutions. After a 500 year history of broken promises, broken treaties, lies, deceit, stolen land, racism and genocide, it would probably take another 500 years to mend and heal the relationship between transplanted Europeans and the Wulustukyeg. The important thing is that we begin healing ourselves and work toward healing the relationships with others so we can save our Sacred Earth Mother.

Because we are all connected, because we are all related, (Earth Mother, human beings, animals, plant life, water, air, etc.) we are responsible for one another. What happens to one of us happens to all. In their headlong rush to self-destruction, the transplanted Europeans are destroying the Wulustukyeg and our Sacred Earth Mother. It affects us all. And, because the Wulustukyeg were given the responsibility by Creator to protect our Sacred Earth Mother, we must do everything we can to make the transplanted Europeans, and any of our people who have mistakenly followed these foreign ways, recognize, acknowledge and accept the deadly error of their ways so things can change before it is too late for us all.

It was our Grand Council, our traditional governing body, that agreed to sign the peace and friendship treaties which were written by eurocanadians.

We need to continually remind our people and eurocanadians that with those peace and friendship treaties that our ancestors signed away none of our homeland nor any of her resources... that our homeland remains just that, Skiginaweekoog, our homeland.


Wulustukyeg Grand Council

June, 2002


To All Our Relations:

The Wulustukyeg Traditional Council of Tobic (WTCT) as the traditional governing body of the Wulustukyeg Nation seeks your help, assistance, support and commitment. Our Council is in need of resources (financial, volunteer, expertise and passion) in our effort to force the governments of Canada and New Brunswick to recognize and acknowledge the Wulustukyeg Nation’s Creator-given self-determination (sovereignty) and to abide by the terms of the Treaties of Peace and Friendship.

The WTCT is challenging the government of New Brunswick’s Crown Land Policy on the basis of their failure to consult (see the Supreme Court of Canada decision: Delgamuukw v. British Columbia) with the WTCT as the traditional governing body of the Wulustukyeg Nation - the Original Peoples and true owners of the territory that we have always known as Ski-gin-a-wekog which means Indian Land.

Our challenge will be conducted on two fronts (first) negotiation, and (second) litigation. No matter which approach that the WTCT undertakes we are going to require substantial resources.

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples(Articles 1, 3, and 4), the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights as well as the Vienna Declaration all affirm the right to self-determination of all peoples.

The WTCT, being the traditional governing body of the Wulustukyeg nation is viewed by the government of Canada as being illegitimate and is therefore not "recognized" and in turn receives no government funding of any kind.

The government of Canada only recognizes the puppet, Indian Act "democratically" elected chief and council which the government of Canada placed in power at the point of a gun and through government legislation. This illegitimate form of government (chief and council) has been granted very limited and very specific self-governing powers through the Indian Act. The chief and council’s power and jurisdiction are limited to the granted powers under the Indian Act and are restricted to the limits of the reservation.

The WTCT possesses thousands of years of longevity. Our people’s Longhouse form of governance goes back thousands of generations and predates the present Indian Act form of governance. The authority and jurisdiction of the WTCT is Creator-given (sovereign) and includes all of our homeland which is all of

Individuals wishing to contribute resources and/or services may do so by contacting the office of the WTCT at: 15 Third Street, Tobique First Nation, N.B. Canada E7H 4Z2.
Ph.(506) 273-2212 
Fax (506) 273-2252
E-mail: hawbun@nbnet.nb.ca

We are asking all our relations to circulate this message far and wide.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by virtue of the Great Law of Respect of the Wulustukyeg Nation;


by the authority of the Royal Proclamation of 1763;


by virtue of the provisions of the Covenant Chain of Treaties of Peace and Friendship;


pursuant to the provisions of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples;


pursuant to the provisions of the Government of Canada Letter of Validation dated May 23, 2008, in which Canada accepts it’s legal and lawful obligation regarding the illegal taking of Tobique Reservation land;

That the Wulustukyeg Traditional Council of Tobic (WTCT) issues this Caveat Emptor addressed to any person, interest or corporate entity that may be planning, considering or contemplating the purchase, the sale or the development of any and all lands within the described Tobique First Nation’s 1892 Surrender specific claim, which contains approximately ten (10) thousand acres.

This proclamation addresses, challenges and duly forewarns the general public regarding the validity and legality of buying, selling, developing and/or claiming title to lands which have never been ceded, sold, surrendered, traded, bartered, given-up, exchanged or compromised in any way, shape or form by its original owners - the Wulustukyeg (Maliseet) People of Tobique.

Individuals who fail to heed this legal notice leave themselves vulnerable to legal action including criminal or


Dan Ennis, Grand Chief, WTCT

Pat Paul, Sub-Chief, WTCT


We are always looking for new members. Give us a call anytime.

Call (506) 273-2212 for details.

Wulustukyeg Traditional Council of Tobic
15 Third Street
Tobique First Nation, New Brunswick
E7H 4Z2

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